Saturday, April 26, 2008

Zebedee's Column

Zebedee has been writing in Malawi News for 15 years now and this is a remarkable achievement desrving a celebration of somekind, if we really care to celebrate our artists.

I first came into contact with Zebs from his first entry. Then I was a boy in Form One at Ulongwe MCDE Centre and, to be honest, the column did not make sense to me.

Even when I was in Form Four. I remember my friend Devi Chitenje asking me one day, "What does Zebedee write?" We were in the bush studying in readiness for MSCE 1996. I don’t remember my answer but I do remember that Devi and myself were supporters of Bakili Muluzi and because Zebedee often disagreed with Atcheya, we disagreed with the columnist.

The change in me towards Zebedee was in May 1999. I was selected to the University of Malawi and after a few lessons in sociology and history, my eyes were opened. Now I saw things beyond the ordinary. Thanks to Kings Phiri and Jubilee Tizifa.

The likes of Charles Chilimampunga and Willie Nampeya gave me more reasoning skills than I had known. Since then, I learned to doubt everything, as Francis Chikunkhuzeni later emphasised in his classes.

That same year, 1999, I fell in love with Zebedee. Not only his ideas but also his style. He is a fine writer and I have said this in public including my column in Nation on Sunday, PlainView. I buy Malawi News because of Zebedee. Even if the front page of the newspaper was blank, so long I am asured of the column, I would buy the paper.

So, as he celebrates 15 years of writing—there was a break for months, I remember—I join Zebs in saying woyeee!

But does this mean Zebedee appeals to those who have been to university only? I am afraid, it seems so. But nothing wrong anyway.

Whatdo you think of Zebedee?

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