Monday, July 14, 2008

State of Journalism in Malawi

Dear Visitors,

I am working on a comprehensive academic paper on the State of Print Journalism in Malawi and I would like to hear from you what you desire included in the article. Anything to do with journalism (and communication), I will discuss, so long I am intellectually able to do so.

One issue is that the media in Malawi is rising but still far away from satisfying people’s media needs. I believe there are over a 100,000 people who can afford a daily newspaper in Malawi. Why is it that The Nation and The Daily Times combined don’t sell more than 35,000 copies in a day at most?

Why are young graduates who can afford a paper not buying any? It is easy to blame Malawians as lacking a reading culture. But the reasons go beyond this and they are largely in us journalists, not necessarily our readers.

So, if you have any areas you want discussed in the paper, send suggestions to me.
Alternatively you can email

Thanks in advance of your thought.

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