Thursday, September 10, 2009

Conflict of Emotions, Thursday, September 10, 2009

All these days I wanted to go back home. Now, it feels bad to leave Germany.

Am I alright? Didn't I long for home? Didn't I long for my daughter and my love? What is happening to me? I have just been asking myself these questions. They are valid questions. Things we leave behind do not only cause happiness. They cause sorrow as well, even if it might be temporary sadness.

Why do good things come to an end? That same question by Nelly Furtado. Put rightly, Why do all things come to an end?

I was used to Charles, a Project Manager (Africa) at DW Academy. He is a wonderful, wise man. Carla was a lecturer who exercised our minds. Christiane was a wonderful help throughout our stay here. She was our guide and proved useful, partly because she studied a lot of history and art in college, partly because she has a good command of the English language.

Alexanderia was a hardworker, making sure our stay was comfortable. She carries a listening ear, too. Pamela was just wonderful. We were beginning to like each other, to understand that humanity is one (never mind skin colour).

Just as this sense of one global identity was sinking deep into us, enabling me to survive the weeks I have been away from home, here I am about to board an aeroplane to leave for Malawi.

It feels bad. The closing today was emotional. And very helpful. To be honest, this has been a powerful course, a take off for me into a management flight. The 11 participants shared information and we were becoming one big family from Africa.

Just at that time when we were getting on with each other, just when we were accepting that we are away from home, just then, time to go back home came.

I am happy to go back home, to my country. No doubt about that, but I am also sad that I am leaving Germany, a place that has been my home away from home for four weeks. Germany: Thank you for your kindness. I am going back home to my beloved country. But Germany know this: You shall remain in my heart, almost always.

Good bye.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the ride. And it proves true the saying that one can travel the world through reading. I have been to Germany and back through your blog. Nice read.

Anonymous said...

How many books have you brought