Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009, Blantyre

I was driving in Blantyre City Centre at about midday and hey! The town was loaded with people buying and selling for Christmas. No parking space, No walking space. No greetings. Everyone is busy.

Then, I drove to the Chichiri Shopping Mall. Here, too, there was no parking space. Cars are bashing one another during reverse and parking. I met people from Zomba. I am not sure what people are buying. There are long queues on all bank ATMs. Even in the banking halls. There are long queues. It is time to withdraw.

I am doing something different. I have been busy paying normal bills. I have been busy depositing money into my joint account with my love.

But it is all interesting. I will go round again tomorrow to see people in town.

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