Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh I Am Growing Old

Years ago, I celebrated my birthdays with vigour. That is no longer the case. Now I have to face reality that I am growing old, turning 33 today, 22 December, 2009.

Childhood is a mystery. I wanted to grow up and old. I would say I will be 14 next year when people asked for my age. Now I refuse to calculate how old I am. Thirty three? It can be scaring. I begin to think of a PhD proposal. I begin to think about my future. I begin to think about my parents. I am lucky; both of them are living and I as a parent.

Life is more complicated than we think. I am thinking about what to do on this birthday anniversary. Two decades ago, I would have been jumping up and down. How life changes!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Mr Nkolokosa!
Keep the excellent journalism going as you grow older.


Qodebreaker said...

Happy birthday Mzati, I turn 31 next march and indeed you find that one's perspectives change over time, priorities too (for some anyway-some stay child-like or is that childish?).

No regrets about the progressive growth, it is what it is like travelling from Karonga to Nsanje and seeing many facets of our nation both lovely and sad.

Wishing you all the best as you do your PhD Proposal, may more education unlock your potential and not box your mind into a paradigm that limits you.